Erika Domesek

Founder of P.S. - I made this… New York

I have a love affair with Sharpies. They are bold, colorful, and make a statement - what’s not to love. The Hermès bracelet was a gift from my best friend! (P.S. - Her name is Sass, really - I swear).
Bracelet, Hermès

My book is an extension of myself, psimadethis.com and everything in between - It’s fun to open my DIY doors and welcome everyone to peak and play. It was the most rewarding project I have ever worked on… get involved! The prep patches are super fun! The marquee letters were left over from a shoot. It’s fun to spell things out. My friend Ben Watts left the shoot with letters to spell out his daughter's name “RUBY”.
Necklaces, P.S. - I made this…

I designed Givenchy watches straight out of college and became obsessed with timepieces, which are magical. I have been collecting them ever since. I covet my toolbox. I found this at the flea market on Melrose/Fairfax in LA.

The Coveteur captures the essense of ELD: Taxidermy. Tassels. Text books.
Earrings, Oscar de la Renta

My mom wore this when she married my dad. She was a hippie. A flower child. A free spirit. A bride.
Skirt, Mother’s Wedding Outfit

Midas touch. P.S. - I made this… gold oxford by spraying, adding chain and brads. A winning pair. The scissors are awesome and I got them from Target (double awesome). I was fortunate enough to DIY hats with Donatella at the Art of Elysium’s Bright Lights event, where I worked with Dasani to create and customize Green Caps. PS - I helped her open her safety pins because her nails were so long. P.S. - I love her… so much.

Nothing makes me HAPPIER than my j’amazing craft closet! It houses all my DIY bits and bobs in the most insanely organized fashion that opens up to 9 feet. P-touch labels make for a quick ID (from spray paint to rhinestones), removable bins for 1,2,3 easy access, every single kind of paint, paper, glue and tape your heart desires!

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