Celine Kaplan

Executive Director of Public Relations, Eres; President, MCube NYC. New York

Celine Kaplan is an experienced public relations guru whose knowledge of the luxury fashion world has made her both a recognized name and sought after talent. She's been leading the PR team since 1999 at Eres, the premium line of swimwear and lingerie that is owned by Chanel, and formerly Bourjois Cosmetics, now closed in the US - also currently working with The Webster Miami, implementing strategies to help increase the brands on a global scale. While fluent in French and Spanish, Kaplan's fierce red mane matched with her no-nonsense attitude has made her one of today's most well respected fierce PR chicks ferociously at the top of her game. And, with a drool-worthy closet, I just had to show you.
Shoes, Chanel

The red jacket is stunning - it is H&M. I wanted the 2009 poufy sleeved formal Dolce dress, but could not afford it and always love this orange red. This jacket literally jumped at me at H&M - screaming BUY ME BUY ME NOW!
Jacket, H&M

This rug was acquired when I had a tough time last year... I thought the World War II message could help me. Like a huge post it reminder your stumble on every day. The little sparklers are Giuseppe Zanotti - my version of low key flats...
Bag, Chanel; Boots, Giuseppe Zanotti

In addition to KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON, I believe colors affect your moods and I love brights as is noticeable in my choices of the few day or evening Chanel bags...It is a natural mood enhancer.
Bags, Chanel

The necklace is from Lanvin... it is also a belt - a 2 in 1 - so practical - (well anyway that was the reasoning behind it) - I bought it at the WEBSTER in Miami - where else? The bag is old Prada made with vintage fabric... Not practical but beautiful.
Necklace, Lanvin; Bag, Prada

Jacket, Chanel; Shoes, Fendi

Bag, Hermes; Shoes, Chanel

I just love J.Crew. A go to for fashion staples. Perfect with the classic Marilyn Monroe collection. Two American icons...
Necklace, J.Crew

I grew up with a very feminine mother and grandmother that passed on their taste in jewelry, stones, craftsmanship and pieces that are uncommon but have a classic quality. I tend to overdo it - almost every piece has a sentimental attachment to it...just like the sterling silver tray and small boxes where the pieces are displayed on.

These heels are Balenciaga, but I reworked them - they originally had black and white stripes which were too much with the stones so I had them painted black...now they are perfect. A balance between tough and feminine.
Shoes, Balenciaga

I bought these Balenciaga heels at the Webster... again. The bag is a small kelly green Birkin. Chic and to the point.
Shoe, Balenciaga; Bag, Hermes; Cuff, Hermes

The shirt Carven - a new obsession!
Shirt, Carven; Bag, Chanel; Shoes, Chloe; Watch, Cartier; Rings/bracelets, Chanel and family heirlooms

The two matelasse rings are Chanel, the other one was bought at a small jewelry dealer in the south of Bangkok could be Chanel because of the flower... it is a joyful ring especially with a tan in the summer. Paris is my hometown but I chose NY as my land of adoption. I love Paris for its intrinsic beauty, working with French companies I am fortunate enough to be able to always keep a foot in France... They always say French women are effortlessly chic. I think French women living abroad have all the fun.
Rings, Chanel

Watches, Chanel, Cartier, Chanel, Rolex, Jaeger Le-Courtre

This clutch was love at first sight - light, efficiently and sufficiently sparkling, easy to pack, and will dress up any outfit. I bought it in Paris to carry at my sister’s wedding. And I simply love it.
Clutch, Anya Hindmarch

Bags, Chanel

Everyone needs a little bit of leopard. It is a few years old but it will never be out of style. It is a laptop briefcase but I use it for meetings to carry folders... it adds fashion to anything you wear.
Laptop Case, Yves Saint Laurent

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