Liz Cabral

Fashion Director, FLARE Magazine. Toronto

My husband built and organized my shoe closet as a birthday gift while I was away (this is only half of it and I’ve already outgrown it). I rotate my faves at the time so I can clearly see them.

Of all my shoes, I may be most proud of these. I actually designed them as a collaboration for FLARE Magazine and Aldo. I love a great wedge!
Top, Danier; Shoes, Flare Magazine x Aldo

This wall is a catch all for show invites that I love - some are so great I hate throwing them away - postcards and pictures. The Peter Lindbergh pics of Linda and Tatjana remind me of when my love affair with fashion started in the early 90‘s. These Marc Jacobs shoes were an impulse buy and are killer, literally they hurt like hell!
Shoes, Marc Jacobs

The shoes on the left were my first Celine purchase after Phoebe Philo took over. I’ve basically lusted after everything she’s designed and treat myself to one piece a season. The other shoes are Lanvin, they’re like a moving art installation with the metal and crystal studded heel. The wallet is Chanel - too flashy for everyday but works as a clutch for evening.
Shoes, Celine, Lanvin; Wallet, Chanel

These pieces together are so French seaside! I adore the mini Chanel bag, it’s the perfect hands free purse for dancing. Clearly I loved the Laboutin flats, they’ve seen better days. I was unsure of the red laces when I bought them, but grew to totally love them. The Chanel jacket is a classic. I’ll wear it, put it away for years and when I bring it back out, it feels just as current.
Jacket, Chanel; Bag, Chanel; Shoes, Christian Louboutin

The feather dress was a gift from Kirk and Stephen of Canadian label Greta Constantine, the boys are the sweetest. The dress’ style name was actually “The Liz” and was inspired by me... love them. I was having a blush moment a couple years ago, thus the pink Balenciaga heels.
Dress, Greta Constantine; Shoes, Balenciaga

The top, pin and vest are Chanel, I’d never thought of wearing them together. The leopard Doc Martens are a bit of a departure for me but they’re fun, I just wore them all through Coachella.
Top, Vest and Pin, Chanel; Shoes, Doc Martens

This photo was a wedding gift from photographer Max Abadian. It’s a shot of Daria from a shoot we did years ago - I love that there’s a super model hiding under all that hair. Pretty sure the shoes she’s wearing are from the same season as the silver ones I own on top.
Shoes, Lanvin

Um... I’m afraid I’m starting to look like a Chanel hoarder. Chanel jackets transcend age and style, that’s why you can never have too many of them. I’m crazy about the ribbon waist on this blazer. Now in my thirties, I edge it up with Comme des Garçons or Rick Owens, but in my seventies I’ll likely be wearing it with head to toe Chanel or a little Yohji. The frame on the left contains an invitation from Alexander McQueen’s “The Girl Who Lived in the Tree” show.
Jacket, Chanel

The cropped sweater is Carven - I currently have a cropped sweater obsession, just bought three of them at once. The faux python gloves are Club Monaco, they look deceivingly expensive and look great with every coat I own. The Comme des Garçons wallet I’ve had for over ten years and I swear it never ages, so classic and not played out. The sequined belt is actually from a Chanel dress that I wore to my civil wedding ceremony in Italy. The Ray Bans need no explaining, they’re classics. Full stop.
Sweater, Carven; Belt, Chanel; Sunglasses, Ray-Ban; Gloves, Club Monaco; Wallet, Comme des Garçons

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