I have a new obsession. I totally love the new CW show Ringer! It’s mysterious, fun and overall intriguing. The creators of the show are amazing and of course the talented Sarah Michelle Gellar is also amazing only someone who her raw talent can pull of such a difficult role.
    It's a must watch show! Not only because of the actors (oh, THE ACTORS - Kristoffer Polaha, Ioan Gruffudd, Justin Bruening, Billy Miller and so on...) but also - the wardrobe, mainly of SMG.


Devil_kin said...

определено ще го погледна.От един друг твоя пост си изтеглих Hart of Dixiе :)

nessy said...

Вярвам, че ще ти хареса и този. :) Изгледах го на един дъх!