Happy 2nd Birthday Bittersweet Vogue!

On the 29th December 2009, during my afternoon in which I was home alone I decided to start this blog. I named it Bittersweet Vogue. Don't know exactly why I called it this way but I think fashion is sometimes bitter, sometimes sweet + the name of one of the magazines which I love. Now I am happier than ever. I am attached to it. It's something you do with so much love. But all in all I want to thank to the amazing followers I have! THANK YOU, GUYS!


Ivanina said...

Честито!!! Пожелавам ти още повече вдъхновение и ентусиазъм! Весело посрещане на Нова година! :-)

Яна said...

Честит рожден ден! :-)
Пожелавам ти още много публикации с това заглавие, в което да променяш само цифрата! И нека модата за теб е по-често "sweet", oтколкото "bitter" ! :-)

nessy said...

Благодаря ви! Много! ♥