Russia Street Style

Just to let you know about a Russian street style blog which I do like. It's not just about photographing someone stylish you saw on the street. This time it's all about couples. Such a cute idea. :) Russians are really one of the best dressed people, especially when we talk about winter clothes. ;)

via instyleblog.ru


Ellaine said...

страхотен стрийт стайл блог!Много добра идея. Обожавам да гледам такива раздвижени,свежи снимки, носят много енергия :))))

Daria said...

oh that's nice to hear! :) since I'm Russian too


Daria, the Fashionsurfer

fotastore said...

Very stylish, thanks for sharing!

Ana Slavova said...

Very stylish! thanks for sharing!

Tony SHT. said...

Обичам да гледам влюбени двойки, но още повече-добре облечени влюбени двойки! :D Страхотен сайт, браво за откритието! :)

Mia said...

Cute post. Love the image, and the opportunity to see Russian fashion, so elegant. Xoxo