Midnight in Paris

Oh, how I adore this movie! I wish I could only be as lucky as the main character - to go back into time and visit Paris in 1920’s. See the beauty of the city lights, the dancing, the life of romance. Such a beautiful time...

Easily, I found myself envious of the main character. How I wish I could go back, stumble upon Ernest Hemingway and Scott Fitzgerald, randomly see Picasso painting a picture of his mistress and how it does not 'capture' her in the correct context, have my work reviewed by Hemingway himself only to have him say that he hates my work! I would jump at the opportunity to be in the presence of these people and have such an opportunity to mingle with them as casual, everyday people.

I have easily fallen in love with Paris.

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Tony SHT said...

Ооо това на Уди Алън последното произведение ли е? Знаеш ли от колко време се глася да го гледам, взе че ме надъха сега да си го пусна възможно най-скоро :D